# Electra One Console

Electra One Console is a management tool to update Electra's firmware and review internal debugging logs.


We encourage all Electra One owners to use a new online Firmware updater at Electra One Account application and use it to update firmware frequently. The firmware updates are safe, fast, and easy. The

Electra One Console

There is a number of actions supported:

# Update

The Update button lets you choose and upload a new firmware file to Electra One MIDI controller. Under normal circumstances the firmware update is fully facilitated by the application, there is no need to switch Electra One to the update mode.

# Clearing log messages

The Clear log button removes all debugging messages from the Log window.

# Saving a log file

The Save log exports the contents of the Log window to a file. Exported log files are great help for us (Electra developers) to understand possible software defects in your firmware.

# Firmware update

In order to update the firmware of your Electra take the following steps:

  1. Download Electra One Console application to your computer from the App downloads page.
  2. Download the latest firmware from the Firmware downloads page.
  3. Unzip the file. You need to have a file with the .img extension.
  4. Connect Electra to your computer.
  5. Run the Electra One Console application.
  6. Click the "Update" button in the application, choose your firmware file, and confirm. Update button
  7. Electra firmware update will be performed. Wait until Electra boots up and the Electra One Console indicates Connected USB status again. You can verify that the firmware has been updated on Electra's start-up screen and in the Electra One Console application.