# Electra One firmware

Note on updating the firmware

Unless mentioned otherwise, all firmware versions are fully self-contained and you can upload them to Electra One MIDI controller as you wish. There is no need to keep the line of updates. You can upgrade and downgrade to any version at any time.

To keep your Electra One MIDI Controller updated, follow the instructions described in Firmware update article.

# MIDI Controller firmware

The latest stable version of the Electra One Midi Controller firmware.

version 3.1 (27 Jan 2023)

A new Electra One Console application is required to update the controller firmware to version 2.1.0 or higher. You can download the management console application at Management applications

# Past firmware releases

In case you needed to downgrade to the past version of the firmware...

version 3.0 (19 Dec 2022)
version 2.2 (8 May 2022)
version 1.5 (9 Feb 2021)