# Electra One firmware

To keep your Electra One MIDI Controller updated, firmware updates should be applied regurarly. Below, you will find the latest firmware files for the original Electra One and for Electra One mkII.

# Electra One mkII firmware

The latest stable version of the Electra One mkII Midi Controller firmware.

version 3.2.6 (6 June 2023)

# Electra One firmware

The latest stable version of the original Electra One Midi Controller firmware.

version 3.2 (15 May 2023)

# Past firmware releases

In case you needed to downgrade to the past version of the firmware...

version 3.1 (27 Jan 2023)
version 3.0 (19 Dec 2022)
version 2.2 (8 May 2022)
version 1.5 (9 Feb 2021)