# Quick Start Guide

Thank you for buying Electra One!

Electra One is a MIDI controller, a USB host, and a MIDI USB interface capable of streamlining your entire music production process. We hope Electra One will do the job you bought it for!

# 1. Connect your Electra One to a computer

Use the bundled USB cable to connect Electra One to your computer's USB port.

Electra with Mac

# 2. Create your Electra One account

Open Chrome or Edge browser and go to https://app.electra.one/register to create your Electra One account. An account will grant you access to the Preset library and the Preset editor.

Web home page

# 3. Allow use of MIDI devices

If you get a prompt asking about the use of MIDI devices, accept it by clicking ALLOW button.

Application preset library

# 5. Verify that your Electra One is connected

Check the Connection indicator at the top right corner of the screen to see that Electra One is successfully connected. If the indicator is green, you are good to go. If it is grey, refer to The Connection Troubleshooting Guide

Application preset library

# 6. Go to the Preset library

Click on the PRESET LIBRARY link in the menu to pick one of many available presets. Click the preset you would like to send to your Electra One.

Application preset library

# 7. Send the preset to your Electra One

Hit the SEND TO ELECTRA button. Et voilà, the preset you picked is now loaded and ready to be used in your Electra One Midi Controller!

Application preset detail

If you twist the knobs or use the LCD touch, your Electra One will send MIDI data according to the preset definition. To get more familiar with your new midi controller, proceed to the next chapter of the User Guide - Hardware overview.