# Stuck at startup

Symptoms of Preset or Lua Script Error

  • Boot Failure: ElectraOne MIDI Controller fails to complete the boot-up cycle. It gets stuck on the start-up splash screen.
  • Infinite Loop Indicator: The controller repeatedly attempts to boot without success, often caused by uploading a broken preset or having an infinite loop in a Lua script.

If your ElectraOne controller is experiencing these symptoms, it may be due to a problematic preset or Lua script. To resolve this, you can bypass the loading of the default preset during startup.

# Recovery Procedure

  1. Prepare for recovery

    • Ensure your ElectraOne MIDI Controller is turned off.
  2. Press and hold the Left-Top [ SECTION 1 ] button

    • Find the left-top [ SECTION 1 ] button on your device and press and hold it down.
  3. Power on the controller while holding the button

    • Continue holding the left-top [ SECTION 1 ] button and turn on your ElectraOne controller.
  4. Wait for the startup animation to complete

    • Keep the button pressed until the startup animation on your ElectraOne MIDI Controller completes. This bypasses the loading of the problematic preset or Lua script.
  5. Release the button after startup

    • Once the startup animation is finished, you can release the button. The controller should be up and running, without any preset loaded.
  6. Upload the Correct Preset or Lua Script

    • Use the ElectraOne website to upload a correct version of the preset or Lua script. You can visit the Preset Slots page in the Controller section of the Electra One Website (opens new window) to manage or remove the problematic preset.

By following these steps, your ElectraOne controller should bypass the problematic preset or Lua script and allow you to upload a corrected version. If problems persist after performing these steps, please contact Martin at the Electra One Community Forum (opens new window) or reach out to Electra One support via email for further assistance.

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